April 13, 2015

Russian Easter Eats

As vegans, there are many ways we can approach holiday meals. For Easter last year, my dad and I ate a meal that looked similar to what everyone else was eating (and of course, I had to add some fresh greenery). This year, I did my own thing completely. I've been eating so much raw food and feeling great because of it.

I started my day off with green juice that doesn't look green because I added beets. I've been really enjoying my juice with a light sweetness from oranges and beets. This juice was probably the closest I came to participating in Russian Easter foods because beet and horseradish sauce is traditional. I got my beets in!

I get most of my energy during the day from fruit (which is woefully lacking at the Easter table), and so I brought a beautiful meal of fruit. I played with the presentation a bit to make it more fun by making raw fruit tacos. I made a chunky mango strawberry salsa, served it in collard leaves, and topped it with a dressing that was comprised of the salsa blended with a few additional ingredients. With the abundance of salsa that I had, I actually had enough for 5 tacos! It was so filling, and everyone was commenting on its beauty. Raw living foods are the ultimate in beauty, and they give us beauty in return!

On the way home, I started to get hungry. I stopped at the natural grocery store and picked up a new brand of kale chips to try. These were Pacific Northwest "Stumptown Original" kale chips. They used hazelnuts (not cashews, yay!) and had a nice kick from the cayenne. They were pretty tasty!

In the evening, I had tacos again. This time it was black bean and red potato tacos. J never turns down tacos for dinner. I neglected to get a picture of them, but they were pretty plain looking anyway.

So, that's it for my Easter eats. Russian Easter food is so animal-centric, and I'm looking forward to the day that people begin to shift their traditions to be more aligned with the real message of the holiday. It's hard to hear joyous words proclaiming life, rebirth, resurrection juxtaposed with dead pigs in various forms and egg products which have almost completely erased the suffering that they came from. It's a disconnect though, and all it takes is one switch to flip in people's minds to see, really see, where their food came from. Then they can feast on mango tacos and kale chips (or vegan sausage and mushroom halupki) with the rest of us!

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